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    canceled xChRiS#^ Join Request.

    Nickname / Location / Personal info: My name is Christian Pereira, my nickname in game is xChRiS#^. I was born 01/07/2001 and i'm 17 years old. I'm from Brazil (Anápolis, Goiás) Tell us about you and your history in MTA : I started playing MTA in 2013 on a free roam Brazilian server (Vivendo no Baixo), I played for 1 year in this mode. After that time my friend presented me the "DM" mode on the (Portal Gamer server) and I really liked this game mode, so I started playing a lot this. So I started to improve my skills and meet some clans. The first clan I've joined was "SpX" from a friend of mine who lasted only 1 week, after that I stayed a year without entering any clan but I still was trying to improving my skills during that time. I joined a good clan in 2015 (xS), I stayed here for 6 months, I still improved my skills more and more and made new friends and I've gained some knowledge about Server/Administration, but I leave that clan for some personal reasons. After I leaved from (xS) I stayed 2 months without a clan and soon appeared the (Q1.Quantum Singularity) so I decided to try to get into the clan, and I got it! it was 6 months of lots of fun and friendships and it was also the time when I started the mecher with maps, but the leader, 'HellKnight', decided to close the clan because of the studies. After that (Q1) was closed i've been a few months without a clan, but a friend of mine invited me to (#BG-Black Gaming) clan where I stayed in it for 4 months, but the clan also closed. So I was a time without a clan again. Always I'm discovering new clans and I ended up finding (-DG|Divinity Gamers) where I was invited to join the clan. After a few months in the clan I leaved it because the members were very inactive and I do not like to be in a clan where the members are inactive. Since then I've been without a clan for 4 months?. Finally I found the |-XpR-| (Xtreme pro Racers) I decided to create an JR for this team and I was accepted, stayed there for 8 months, I was kicked due my inactivity, I was tired of MTA and don't wanted to play. Still a little bit inactive, I got invited for /AiR\ (Awesome in Races) and back to MTA, so I joined, I stayed for 2 months but the team was closed. Since then I've been without a clan for months.I found the |-nTL-| (Nothing To Lose) I decided to create an JR for this team and I was accepted, stayed there for 2 months, but the team has closed. clans you've been part of : xS// - Xtreme Skillers | : (In game history) *Q1. - Quantum Singularity (Closed) #BG - Black Gaming |: (Closed) -DG| - Divinity Gamers | (Inactive Members,i decided to leave) |-XpR-| Xtreme pro Racers (Kicked by inactivity) /AiR\ Awesome in Races (Closed) |-nTL-| Nothing To Lose (Closed) Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: I think the xN# clan is a very nice group. They almost look like a family together and I would love to be a part of that family.I feel it's the kind of clan that i'm looking for. What can you contribute with / Why do you think we'd accept you: I can help with maps, fix bugs on maps, test them, upload maps, help with administration on the server, help players with some questions and doubts (forum/server). Best Regards xChRiS#^