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    Nickname / Location / Personal info: Hello lads, my name is Nikola, i'm 18 years old and i'm currently living in Krusevac, Serbia. I'm currently fourth grade in high school. Next year i plan to go to study in Germany, i'm moving with my family. I speak 3 languages ( serbian, english and german). I'm training swimming, trainings are every night and they are pretty tough, lately i'm not going to them because of school and gym (need to look sexy at the summer u know). I'm animal lover. I'm not active at weekend nights because i'm usually drunk. Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details: I started playing MTA back in 2015. The first server that I had a touch in MTA was FFS Gaming. I spent only a few days on the server and I returned to the SAMP, which I play since 2012. I spent a lot of time in the SAMP, especially on a server called New Dawn (server similiar to FFS), until the beginning of 2017 when the server shut down. Then i made a little pause, i solved some problems in my private life and after few months I decided to go back to FFS Gaming and to start my MTA career there, on which i play till nowadays. Clans you have been part of: Xtreme Racers zCool - left Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: Nitrous Racing looks like very stable, friendly and mature clan, the clan where i can have a lot of fun and where I will get to know a lot of new people. Honestly, i think i meet all requirments to be a member of this clan. How would you be useful for Nitrous Racing? Ughh, well i can be useful in clan wars (i really don't like to nolife maps, but if it's necessary there will be no problem). Currently i'm Junior of DM Alpha on FFS Gaming and i think i have a lot of experience in it. Afterall, I will do anything for you as long as it advantages you to be a better clan. Do you have any extra skills and how could you use them in our team: / Additional Information: Discord: Cvele#6199 Skype: cvele.nd I hope we get better acquainted in the future. Thanks for reading!