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  1. Skylerinho

    declined Skylerinho's join request

    Hello everyone! My nickname is Skyler and sometimes I like using Madara too. I live in Bucharest, Romania. My name is Raul, I am 17 years old and at the moment all I do is studying at one of the best universities in my city. I can't really say what I will do in future because I don't know which career I should chose. I don't know if I should choose to study at a Law School or at Faculty of Medicine in Bucharest. I like playing basketball and football with my friends and relaxing outside, just telling jokes, huh. I started playing Multi Theft Auto in 2011 with some of my classmates and I must reveal that some of them unfortunately left MTA. We still keep in touch and sometimes we play together. At first I started playing Destruction Derby on a well-known server on MTA community, 3liteRacers Server. After playing DD for 6 months, one of my brother taught me how to play Shooter. Of course at first I was newbie and I couldn't even kill someone GK but then I started improving myself and in time I realized that I'd become so much better than my brother. You might not remember/know him since he left MTA in 2013 but I hope at least some of the old players still got his name in mind, Striker. As a beginner I was looking up to old 3R members whose shooter skills seemed unreal for me at that time. Koro, Joker, Neo, kdv2 are only some names that I still remember after so much time. In 2013 I was so arrogant, huh. I wasn't a beginner anymore, I was considering myself a good player and I thought I had got everything needed for a professional clan so I applied to 3R, the clan I wanted to join the most. After getting declined several times, I gave up and met RayZ, a British guy who I trusted the most on MTA. He just used me for his little plans and I realized that just after a year or even more. I was a bit naive and forgave him so many times for letting me down. We used to lead a clan together, FuriouZ Gaming but it didn't end well. We couldn't work together so I started ignoring him after he betrayed me so many times. I started playing on 3R again and applied once again in 2015. At that time I was lucky and they accepted it but I have to admit that I kind of fucked up my chance. I was kicked and joined several clans such as redProject, SeriallKillers and desertRacers in the next year. In 2017, Tiago, the new shooter leader in 3R asked me to join his clan so I did. We were good friends and we still are. He left his leadership to his co-leader, Own and he made me co-leader. I was very happy because I've always dreamed about being an important guy in that community. After some months, Own left the leadership to me and I had to revive the squad. After leading for almost 2 years, having internal problems, internal fights in the clan with other members/leaders because they didn't respect me or my actions anymore, I left once... They got me back and then I complaint about their new decisions and the founders started putting a strain on our relationship. I got kicked after serving 3R for 2 years and I wasn't even informed first. Anyways, now I want to join a new professional clan so I can have as many CWs as possible. I consider myself an experienced player, a smart guy who can help you guys in Clan Wars against the best shooter clans in MTA universe. Clans I have been part of: 3R, FZ, ?K, rP and some others. I'd like to join Nitrous Racing in order to play against other clans known all over the world and to learn more from some experienced guys as me not about shooter but about other secrets this game has. I think this clan is a professional one which respects its members so I don't think that if I get accepted we're going to experience any problems together. My shooter skills would help you I think. Discord: skyler #0687 Thanks for reading my join request!
  2. Skylerinho

    declined [SH] Noovl's Join Request

    Aa.. Dude? You mentioned some clans known in shooter MTA universe, you weren't in 3R shooter and I'm totally sure of that, thxbye
  3. Skylerinho

    declined [SH] Noovl's Join Request

    He's never been in 3R but ok lul