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  1. d1Kuba

    declined d1Kuba's Join Request

    half of teams wasnt a good home, thats not my bad that always something fucked up. But your comment has nothing with my join request so..
  2. d1Kuba

    declined d1Kuba's Join Request

    To be honest with you i dont know what happened, we were a cool group of friends including dredd, you both started to attack me when i just said my own opinion about xecn retiring. We all know that he didnt retire (his problem) but after that you also told few words that attacked me. You are right i said few words about whole FoXx and that was mistake shouldnt do that but i wrote them to protect my team also from negative sentences. Never meant to say something to go against You or Dredd. If you want to talk privately we really can.
  3. d1Kuba

    declined d1Kuba's Join Request

    Nickname / Location / Personal info: Hey Guys my name is Kuba im 17 years old and im living in the Poland, in the city called Wroclaw. Im on the 2nd year in high school and im studying there as hotelier. My passions or hobbys are football, formula 1, e-sport in games like (Counter Strike, League of Legends). It always was my dream to become an professional player. Also in free time i like to study I.T programming, learning HTML, im not good at that but its always cool to make something without any help. Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details: My Career had Ups and Downs but it started 9 years ago when i was a 8 year boy that on food could say poop. It all started on the Drifting or RPG Server (i dont remember). These gamemodes brought love to MTA for me. Drifting with friends was always fun, lets say in 2008 everyone wanted to be like Paul Walker or Vin Diesel because their movies were most popular. That feeling when you were able to drive their cars was awesome. After 1 year i found a DM server called pS that was an Polish team called Polish Squad. I've played there for few months but people were making fun of me because was young. After that ive made a 1 or 2 year break, cameback to MTA when i had 11 years and found legendary server called PPC Polish PrO Clan. I've came to the server as newbie, noone knew something about me but the skill was still with me, passing maps like hit em up in these times was really hard. I've joined to the uG clan or rather team and after that i tried my best to join to the PPC. Luckily they accepted me, i was so happy but i wasnt there for long time because after 2 weeks i got a kick because there was a rule to not abuse rights, and one of the members did it. I told about that to the leaders but they decided to kick me (idk why). After that i changed my server to the -RB- RedBull server. it was an popular "Intercontinental" server, the leaders of team were from Poland and i really liked to spent my time there. After 5th join Request they accepted me into their squad but as previously i was there for short time, after 1 month i failed my trial and decided to change the server. After That my DM Career started to grow up from European servers i changed them to Arabic servers, and my journey started on DP Server, a team called Double Power. I was happy to play there because my favourite mapper was a member of that Team, his name was AbodyRulez. When i wrote join request to that team unfortunately he left the team and probably joined ffs. They accepted me after 1st try and u cant imagine how happy i was. But sadly the team changed everything to arabic letters so i couldnt understand about what was everything, even forum was changed to arabic. I decided to leave it and move on. My another team in 2012 was TS Twin Stars. I supported them because my friend was leading it (Vento) and for me that team was the strongest one in 2012. They had a really strong team and that was a dream to be inside of them. I tried if i can join them and luckily they took me. When i had my 1st clanwar it was awesome feeling to play vs legendary team VIP with such a dream squad : Uns,Neson,Darking,Simas,Astat and as reserve me. After few months sadly it got closed and i had to find another team. After that i started to play on TFF and that server was most popular in DM (not including ffs but i never liked to play there). TFF had many clans inside of server and the first one which i liked was -ftw- leaded by Lordekk, he took me to the team but as previously it got closed. Another team that i've joined was EfE# Eye for an Eye leaded by Shockwave, i was really happy inside of the team atmosphere was great and members aswell, we won many clanwars also my hunter career started there. I decided to leave it to join a Polish Team called EsR Empire Street Riders, got invited by Syku, after a few months ive got into arguments with the leader mystic and i decided to leave it. After it i started to play on SHC server and i made jr to their team because i really liked members inside of it. They took my after 1st try and if not Tomba, that was against every team in the game i would stay there but i had to leave it after 5 months. After all i saw that eP team is back and i started to support them, after 1 month i decided to make join request. After 4 months i got declined but i didnt give up and i made a new one join request. With second try they took me to the team and i was there for 6 months we won teams like 6s,xpr and it was really my best time in career. Sadly something happened inside and i didnt feel the same as before, i decided to leave it and after 1 month team got closed. After that i joined to ffs and was there for 7 months but i had many argues with the team, Ronaldo wasnt a cool guy and tried to make everyone against me. After that i joined xN but wasnt there for long time cuz i had some vision to open own team.. decided to leave xN after 1 month and opened Uff. Was there for 7 months but after problems in real life we decided to close it. After Closing it ive got invited to the Foxx Team i joined them but i made the decision too hastilly and i didnt feel really good in their team Clans you have been part of: PPC- Polish PrO Team (Member/Kicked) RB- Red Bull (Trial Failed) DP- Double Power (Member) TS- Twin Stars (Member) ftw- for the win (Member) EfE- Eye for an Eye (Member) EsR- Empire Street Riders (Member) SHC- Small Hustlers Team. (Member) eP- Elite Players (Member, Community Leader) ffs- for fuck sake (Member, DM Leader) xN- Nitrous Racing (Member) Uff.- Unstoppable Fighters Force (Leader) Foxx- Force Out Xtreme (Trial) Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: I've always been on good relations with xN members,leaders. They always supported me in matches or with my career decisions. Even when i joined ffs they didnt like it but still they were motivating me to work hardly for them. When i joined there for 1st time i felt like im in good family but i decided to make something own. That was the time when i tried to try something own and nothing couldnt stop me. Now i want to comeback because i dont see any clan in mta that can be a good home for me. How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing?  Im an DM/WFF/DD Player so i might be helpfull in clanwars, but also im capable of leading the squad in games. Also i can help with News Thread because when im free i like to write it. Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team: Not really if managing websites is an extra ability then for sure i can do that. Additional Information: If you want to ask me about something goon lets smash all the uncertainty.
  4. d1Kuba

    accepted TRIPL3X Join Request

    Good Luck tho.. few days ago u said something different about xN
  5. d1Kuba

    News #05: Merry Christmas!

    omg xN is not a dead clan.. finally some news from you guys well written Sixiz and congratulations for the new clan members. Love you xN ❤️