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    Not an introduction...

    Glad that you didn't call it FASTER THAN LIGHT MAN, best commentator ever, simply unkickable man.. love u bro x DDD you and toby funniest mfs around here, see you in the pool bro ❤️

    accepted Sixiz Join Request #2

    @Gteatero done brother reply pls

    good gayme so I won't liar i was noobxD

    What the fuck is wrong with you ?

    declined d1Kuba's Join Request

    Best of luck kuba -_-you deserve the best my love-_- You tried to create your own thing which is understandable, you never trashtalked US so we all good brother, you don't have to defend yourself about anything, considering your age, you're mature even tho you uncertain kid.. 11pts for life

    accepted Manu π's Join Request

    Clan-jumper, I don't like you, it's a no for me sorry my dear friend. fuck you ^^☺️

    News #06: Experiencing the Future

    Congratz Gteatero we joined together bro we deserve this opportunity i wont liar let's get to work ☺️ GZ DARK WE WILL BE THE BEST FRIENDS I LOVE YOU ❤️ GG ME

    canceled RYDER

    Congratulations Eyecatcher you did very good today

    accepted Lukaculz Join Request


    accepted Lukaculz Join Request

    Declined I am sorry to officially announce- that you have been declined. Your poor application does not match our demands, plus you left for a better place that was not Nitrous Racing hence our decision. You can post another join request in approximately 8 years. We = maybe -> change opinion ❤️❄️
  10. TORENE

    News #03: Fresh Meat, Leavings, Events and Kind Words

    congratulations everyone
  11. TORENE

    Show yourself!

    wtf thats me cap ?????????????????!
  12. TORENE

    hola a todos

    como mierda este tuzo habla español ?
  13. TORENE

    good gayme so I won't liar i was noobxD

    spread love all around the world
  14. hello i name dave i come in this cringy night to express my feelings about xn clan and its gayzou members SPAM FORUM XN CLOSES TOMORROW Gteatero is toby 2.0 best kid lovely kid funny kid is name dave 17 old form tailand good mapper ❤️ stop spamming me ur dogpics(TEAM) xN#Gteatero: me masturbo con regalos de navidad - amigo lindo xN#Gteatero: i killed you more times with my maps np. go feat brother give me fame best mapper Adidas is probably gay Pacman: xN Aias quieres ser mi novia but I guess I like it unless when he presses enter in a wonered clutch (TEAM) xNADIDAS7: saltan los expertos en wff que no ganaron un solo match a criticar (TEAM) xNADIDAS: you cant even sleep your name correctly VinceZo: suck my dick adisdas .!.a ksa pt wff managers best in cezika Naxo my silent twin the true seriousmaster and carry of xn xN|N#<~: che loco hay 20 mapas que entrenar no 5 N4x0xz#~|xN: con esa motivacion prefiero perder Crizz my beloved duo ❤️ carry xn tomorrowmy brother vamo el siisticonlentes Tobyzer king spirit of the clan and best member it turned out that i went full gay for you best music taste and best juan deag on mirage (TEAM) xNToby': el next define nuestra vida [PM] from xN|Toby1337 (7): viste esas bestias del sexo como cutearon best motivator Shankz is a cyber thot and a fucking princess but we're used to him :DD=D)':DM4rc0sxN: te vas a bañar al ciber también? HsK//Krlos!xN: shanks no tiene tiempo para l7 os pero si para trainear este map [HUNTER] xNShankZ has got the hunter! 2:22:790 go train again Adeliver is an anime thot i hope you burn in hell (TEAM) xNadeLIT: I wanna fuck an anime bitch recorded the best match ever on sidEZ Pizza best commentator ever every cringy kids tryna be entertaining should get you asap best names on steam and best fortnite player ever Eyecatcher worst german ive met but also the funniest low cost Audi twin deserves bretzel in his sweet ass Facuuzz the biggest kid of the clan deserves all the candies in the world but also all dicks idiot otaku vamo tifis :3 vas ree lento en vortex 8 kid :-) abuser de mierda facuz|xN: yo apreto o en todos los scripts Eminem best cheerleader thanks for making me accept l7 os and leaving kid spoiled kid like kastyandkuba i hate to love you best os player and you're not the real mapper you can stop lying now tecla best duo with pizza get these two guys and get carried of laughter all the way effect y darkazo dark will replace linux as cousins 2 beasts and mvps dark el mejor jugador de nice 1-3 effect come back to carry in hunter cws!!!§§§ Marcos my shelby brother we'll overcome the mob i know u from five team all these xn kids are new comparing to u Rabbit 16. Seven DeathsRabbit (3)FiNN (25)Airplane (2)Joejonas (1) we still introducing him ? Luka ce u look like lukaculz at first sight but u're not as unevolved and gay suerte amigazo y carrea bite them all Sunset the only xn who was able to speak english over time strongest pillar of xn motivator Stailok best photoshop user ever i hope we will finish our race map ❤️ Relveux Russians couple HDM CARRY Kenzo ??????????????????????????? [PM] from #ER|KenZo: i feel so important when i talk with you ?????????????????????????????????? Krazy new devoted chill kidxddd(jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj) too bad im not playing much anymore would love to rape in os with you maybe we will great potential dont ruin it and carry them u gotta teach them even as an unexperienced kid you've got a lot to teach and this will make u improve even more even for alpha if u aim it artix ql traitor... te odio lukaculz the biggest thot out here who knows wats real sadly already sold his soul (team) xNLukaculz1337: why when the infernus is going backward ,sounds like wall-e xNLukaculz~: torene first half wont show up Nuke is a tranny shankz girlfriend mvp who can't pass symon 12 Kasty is shanks' brother aka princess 2.0 ^.^ i hate you noob you better train for l7 os cos krazy wont play alone *PM from: ffsNEGA~(211): me puedes explicar el trick de loop en sidez MoN isn't from this world.. hdm god big dreams polishceps (team) xNCrizz: mon tiene que hacerla y esta ahogandose en alcohol... Kuba is Simon's sister and drinks too much alcohol at the age of13.. lifes too short to not enjoy it brother ❤️ sixiz hidden spy hdm thot i beat you in hdm otaku de mierdaaarrr CW TODAY (TEAM) xNLukaculz~: PREPAREN LA MASCARA DE GAS xNKrlos!: ustedes son solo team mates, so if you lose tomorrow i delete this thread if this post is cringy you must not delete it (team) [FoXX]Spectrum: torene in, cw win kiddos tomorrow we win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yours truly بب el bébé jefazo
  15. TORENE

    accepted The time has finallly come

    (TEAM) Positiv'eP!: torene we not more frieds