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  1. gustavex!

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    Good luck
  2. gustavex!

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    Nickname: ByGuus Location / Personal information: Hello! My name is Gustavo I am 16 years old, I live in lara (venezuela) Tell us about you and your story in MTA / clans of which you have been a part: I installed "mta" in 2015 I was on several servers, like "Free Room" in 2016, I knew "FFS Gaming", I created my account, I started playing "DM OS", I loved that game mode, every day I improved my skills, in 2018-2019 I was practicing, in servers like: uDka, TfF, vultaic, incognito and FFS, that's my story in "MTA" as such Clans you've been a part of Incognito [?] -I made my request to join "Incognito" thinking it would be a good place, but I decided to leave (and last a short time) since the environment was uncomfortable for me. Why would you like to join Nitrous Racing: I really want to join because I see that it is a good clan, with good people and good humor. I have several friends there who have encouraged me to do my "jr", besides wanting to outdo myself, because I always want to be the best. With what can you contribute? Why do you think we would accept you? I sell tamales, I can help with the theme of, edit photos, help in "CW", I am learning to "map", I think it would be "useful" and also help in whatever is necessary, I will not say that just to "help", but if I can do something, I do it but I can also do other things for the clan. Discord: ByGuus#2381