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  1. Vans

    canceled Vans Join Request

    Closed, because I'm a "Clan Jumper" #shaolin
  2. Vans

    canceled Vans Join Request

    Nickname / Location / Personal info: - My nickname is Vans and I live in Hungary. I don't have so much interest personally, I usually work with Adobe After Effects in my free time and also with Photoshop. I'm not really active in sports due to my health issues. Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details: - I've started with this game back in the very end of 2009, been through a lot of things and adventures. Been in some clans and visited a lot of servers. I played some game-modes like shooter, DM. I firstly began in free roaming server, as almost every other MTA player I suppose. After a long while of free-roaming servers, we found a DD server to play in. It was fun and intense, thus, I decided to look up for such game modes. I found some DM servers, like FFS & ER. I started playing there a lot, though I was a newbie. By the time, I managed to keep up with these game modes. I trained a lot, therefore gained some experiences and skills on those modes. I joined a lot of teams in both servers, which actually helped me a lot, due to playing with higher level players than mine. Some of them taught me some tricks/moves that could help and so on. It was quite a change for me, despite of that, I kept on going and trained harder. I played in AMG from time to time, I really liked the players there so I started playing there every day. I did a little pause in MTA for 3 month after I left from RS, I came back in September and I play almost everyday and I'm improving my skills. Clans you have been part of: - AMG [ Awesome Mapping & Gaming ] - Closed - RS| [ Royal Slayers ] - Left ( I had conflict with the founder and I didn't really enjoyed my time in that clan ) - W* [ Wanderers ] - Closed - UP [ Unlimited Power ] - Left ( I don't have specific reason for the leave, I just wanted to leave ) - iV [ Intravenous ] - Left ( The clan was pretty inactive at that time, so I decided to leave ) - Ex! [ Exentric ] - Left ( The clan is inactive in game, so I decided to leave this clan ) Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: - Nitrous Racing is a clan with future and with great community, I would like to find a community where I can chill around and help them out with things like CW, Design or ideas. I can't really help with scripting for the server because I'm not a scripting, but I can give out some ideas or race designs. How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing?  - Saying as previously, I can help out with Clanwars or Race Designs for the server or just simply with ideas for the future. Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team: - Newbie Designer Additional Information: I'm active on Discord for contact "RenkTon#0001" and I have maps too. Thank You for reading my JR!