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  1. Asphel

    canceled reflex's JR2

    First of all congratulations to new trials, welcome to our family. Also congratulations to our new members who passed trial period, you did great job guys, keep doin' it!
  2. Asphel

    accepted [SH] VarieN's join request

    carry me
  3. Asphel

    accepted Asphel's Join Request

    Nickname / Location / Personal info: Hey!, my name is Jan... I live in Germany and I was born at 08.02.1999. Currently I'm going on a College (Specialization in media design). Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details : 2011-2012 My MTA career started 2011... Before that I’ve played on SAMP. A friend asked me if I would play with him MTA on a Server which was called DDC. He tried to explain me the basics. So I’ve started to play this (worst decision ever)... 2013 I’ve joined my first clan... It was called Squadron 604. I stayed there for 6 months. In July, I've been invited by the owner of DDC (tails) to join the DDC Organization group (Rainbow Crew). The Group was responsible for the division of the Clanwarses Into the respective servers. The group was also responsible for distributing of administrative rights. When DDC was Closed.The clan got closed too. I’ve started to search a new clan then... 2013-2016 1,5 months Later DDC has reopened and I found a new clan... Kropovez Team... I stayed there for over 2 years. In these 2 years I have improved my Photoshop Skills too. But The Clan became 2016 really inactive and I have left it then.A Half month later I joined my third clan. It was called The Panic Industry. I Stayed there for 4 Months. The reason why I left the clan was that I made a new beginning of my MTA career. A new beginning also means to change the Community. (From DDC to 6s) 2017 2017 changed everything... At the beginning of February I was accepted by Elite Players. I quickly got my first job as a Designer and I had fun of developing my Skills in Photoshop. Someone called Scurr Helped me a lot in this time. He showed me some of his Designs and explained me some stuff about Photoshop. After a half year I started to learn How To Use Cinema4D. I'm still learning some basics and I Succesfully finished my first clanwar banner with Cinema4D. I stayed in EP until the end of the Road. 2017-2019 In November 2017 I've joined The Favoured Few... It was a great time together with such awesome Members.. However, I Made an Important decision there. I had decided to not be the Clan Designer of TFF because I wanted to Focus on my own Projects. I'm still working on the Project with my partner Scurr Designs. It's called The Simple Priority Group. More Information about the Project will be given after the release. After 7 Months I've decided to continue my MTA career somewhere else. I've realized that many of my friends were in 7M. I wanted to be a part of it and I enjoyed my stay there. But then someone called Jason Citron came and killed 7M with Discord within 4 weeks.. omegalul. 2019 Well since 7M Closed there're no jobs for me anymore. I wanted to continue my MTA career and keep developing my Designing Skills and emm..I guess there's no way around xN. I've always had a eye on xN and I saw how this Family grew and hold together no matter what. And it's exactly that what I'm searching for.. I've many friends in here and many others (Dork1d,kidrei and papitoBaeza) have already applied too to be a part of your Family. So it wasn't a hard decision to continue my Future here and have a great time with you guys. Clans you have been part of : Squadron 604 - [604] - 6 Months Kropovez Team - (KRO) - 2 Years The Panic Industry - [TPI] - 4 Months Elite Players - eP! - 9 Months The Favoured Few - /TfF\ - 7 Months Seventh Miracle - 7m - 1,5 Years Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: As mentioned above I was thinking alot which Clan would be the most suitable Clan for me. I've searched for a Family which always holds together to spend my time with qool dudes. I've decided to do the next step in my career with you guys (xN). I'm motivated and ready to achieve great things and it would be a pleasure to be a part of your Family! How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing?: In my whole career I've always tried to focus myself on Designing. It became a really big part of my life. I've developed my Skills day by day and made things which noone made ever before like designing a whole JR, but sadly I had no time to actually design my whole JR this time. However overtime I've made the Clan Logos of Zenoysne #Z, Seventh Miracle 7m, Shredders and worked for clans like Elite Players eP!, The Favored Few /Tff\ and Seventh Miracle 7m as Designer. I've used my chances to start a racing career too. It began in EP and TFF and had his peak in 7M. I've been a Community Manager too. To be exact in TFF and I've learned many things about organization and such stuff. So I'm actually a good all-arounder which makes me to that what I am right now.. Additional Information: Skype: florida11115 Discord: RP~#3577
  4. Asphel

    Last Shot Counts - SH Tournament (Registration)

    Team's Name: Yuri Tarded Contact: florida11115 /skype Players: Zoilo Miha Kooshi Bullet Asphel