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  1. Re[F]LeX

    canceled canceled

    Hoz it was another called 640xsmth
  2. Re[F]LeX

    canceled reflex's JR2

    I have birthday on 11 December
  3. Re[F]LeX

    canceled reflex's JR2

    Nickname / Location / Personal info: Hello my name is Tsvetin. I come from Sofia,Bulgaria.I'm 16 years old. I love to be lazy hang out with friends. Currently I'm studying in Pravets. Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details: So from where to start. I started playing this game when I was still little Reflex. I think it was winter and one of my friends told me that game because I was playing SAMP and I didn't know MTA exist. First time I joined it was boring for me. Than I found server which was freeroam. After 24/7 playing freeroam I started exploring for other servers. Then I found server called DDC. I really loved it. When I joined it for first time I saw different gamemodes OS/DM etc. The first I stopped was OS I joined to see what is it. I was really surprised that I found gamemode like this. It was 2012 when I started playing OS. I was noob af and found a guy from my country playing that game. He taught me the basics and I didn't stop playing that mode. After playing it to 2015 I decided to see DM gamemode. I wasn't that excited because I told It was the same as OS. But I wasn't right. It was fun. In 2018 I found person called Shade. I was watching him everyday how he's playing I taught from him. Since then I'm trying to improve my skills in game. Clans you have been part of: Skilled Killers -sK- kicked,left ffg. - Fast Fire Guys - inactive,left International Team - [INT] - left Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: I would like to be in xN because I think I would be useful for you. For now I think that clan pass me perfect and I want improve my skills there and make friends. Also I like this clan and I want to try my luck there How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing? I would be useful in clan wars tournaments. I will help you with the development if help needed. Also I'm fast so I can help you in wff. Additional Information: I hope I join this clan 💕
  4. Re[F]LeX

    canceled ~Dear Reflex~ JR

    Close it. I dont think i can join this clan very unpossitive votes
  5. Re[F]LeX

    canceled ~Dear Reflex~ JR

    Nickname / Location / Personal info: Hello.I'm Tsvetin. I like to play video games and be lazy. I will tell you bonus information about my nickname Re[F]LeX^. When i was with my last name FaLLeN I was thinking about new name because this nickname was very old.When I was watching YouTube I see a player named SkillZ. I liked this name. Then I changed my name to RiLeX. It was cancer name for 1 day and then in school when I was browsing and I figured my nickname Reflex but it was so normal and I made it with brackets. Now I live in village called Skravena. I was born in Sofia,Bulgaria. Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details: I hope you, you will be not with bad vision after reading this. 2010-2011 First In 2010 I started playing GTA Vice City on my pentium 2. I was so happy and in my birthday my parents bought me a new computer with win xp. I was so excited about it because I could play Gta Vice city with more FPS(yeah xD). When I go to my bigger cousin I see that he play a game called GTA SA. When we get back home I asked my dad if I can download this game. He said yes so I download it. I was so excited to play this game because I ve never played game like this. In 2011 I passed all the missions In GTA and then it was boring game. I didnt want to play solo. 2012-2013 In the begging of the 2012 I found game called SAMP. I joined in race servers first. Then I was so addicted to this game and I didnt stopped playing. I found this game again of my cousin because he was my guest and asked me if I can download SAMP to play. In the last days of 2012 I stopped playing this game again It was boring. In 2013 I deleted all my games in computer. I didnt delete only Vice City because it was legendary game. 2014-2015 In 2014 finnaly I found MTA. I ve played this game in 2012 but I dont liked and deleted it. Special congratulations to DarkBoy. Thank you for teaching me how to play mta. Miss you bro ;(. At first I started playing in Race servers than I understood about famous server called DDC. I joined and I couldn't play this game as well so i asked him to teach me. I was so stupid dude and asked 4 clans in one day to join them. I was banned for 1 year. In 2015 was unbanned and played so much and in the years of training I was improving my skills to today. 2016-2017 In 2016 I was in clan called sK. I was so stupid and traitor and I applied for INT, but the declined me so I wasn't able to be in a clan for 1month. Then I asked the owner thiago to join again and he accepted me so I was in this clan for 6 months and I left. In 2017 I stopped playing MTA to 2018 because I was with no computer. I joined only 1 time in 2017 at the end because I was in game hall. 2018-2019 In 2018 I started playing MTA again with maybe 30 40 FPS and I dont liked it. I made so much friends in DDC. I forgot to say i joined playing ffs 2015 as guest 2018 I registered. I topped so many maps IN HDM and christmas 2018 my dad and mum bought me new computer 8 Ram GTX 1050TI. I was too much happy. In 2019 now I play mta for fun and to take my free time. Ty for reading MTA history. Clans you have been: I have been only in 1 clan maybe u read it. sK / Skilled Killers (traitor reason) Second Time I left this clan. Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: I would like to join this clan because so much legends started from here and I want to start from this clan. I like this clan and I think the players in this clan is mature, friendly and the development I know its so good. I have friends which played there and told me that there is so much skilled players and I want to add 1 more skilled player( 1-10=8 are my skills I think) How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing?  I would be great completion in this clan. I will help you with the development in the clan if theres problem. I would be active and I can help this clan to win partly at Clan Wars. And with the Administrating too. Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team: Choosing which players should play in different clan war. (This is not big abillty but yes) Additional Information: I told it in the JR so I dont have any additional information