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  1. VonKasty

    Au revoir!

    EMIIIIIIIIIIIII!? NICE JOKE BRO hdp dejai el juego? ;( Fue un placer conocerte emii, suerte en donde vayas amigo! ❤️
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    Pitana is back!!!

    the legend says torene goes online once every half a year
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    Lukita_ce is back :3

    What about our kid? Do we sell the child?
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    Lukita_ce is back :3

    me chupai la pija, wb lukaculz ❤️
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    hey all

    mira el que hablo
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    DD: Nitrous Racing 13-7 Sixth Sense

    GG PETES ❤️
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    VonKasty's Join Request

    Nickname / Location / Personal info: My real name is Juan, about nicknames I am known as VonKastyRex77 in-game. I was born at 8th of April, 1998. Which means I'm 20 years old. I'm from Spain, from a small island called Mallorca! You can contact me on my social networks; Skype (joan.salamanca).I like to play the cancha, sometimes players confuse me with the ball... Tell us about you and your history in MTA / clans you've been part of: Well, I would like to give you a little resume about my MTA career. I've been playing MTA since 2011. I started playing on some zombie servers for fun with friends. But after playing zombies, my friends were leaving and I wanted to play more. (2012)I started to search more servers and found xtreme Gamers server[xG|] and i joined on the first try. I left after 4 months and I don't remember why. After some days SancheZ invited me to join KoN. I didn't have many friends in MTA and decided to join KoN to make more friends because on that times there were many spanish guys. That's how i found DDC Community[FOTL]. I have been in KoN more than a year till it became repetitive playing clanwars with no hunter-fights and with always the same sub-clans from DDC and I left. (2014)After that, I decided to be in ''big'' clans, and since I already had some friends from [FOTL] and my DM skills were improving more and more. And with the help of recording stuffs i got more famous. With all that I thought I was ready to join [FOTL] and I joined on the first try. (2015)Between February and May I became co-lider and then leader. And after a year and half I decided to leave [FOTL]. From here I decided to improve my hunter skills and I went to TfF and started to be active on the server, after some days I posted a JR for TfF too and waited the whole summer for the Trial's Announcement and I got accepted. But after some days (5days) Diinac invited Lordekk and I was like wtf is this, we tried to speak with Diinac but impossibru to deal with anything and some members decided to leave, including me. All this fucked me up because I ''gave'' everything to join TfF, I was active a lot and I never did such things for a clan, and after the trials announce I was very happy sincerly but I did a fast decision on that day and Diinac didn't want to forgive me, I basically stopped MTA for a while and I joined on some clans but mostly I was inactive.(eP!, FBi and PwN). Joined FBi and PwN for fun (DDC Sub-Clans) and then I wanted to come back to MTA and joined eP! but sadly it closed. This took me to try to join back on my ex-clan which was FOTL, hopefuly Relax gave me a chance. In FOTL. Then FOTL arrived to its end and it closed permanetly. Then it was like I stopped being interested in joining new clans and I wanted to keep me calmed so, I tried to join back TfF. It was a serious try. I got accepted on April 2016 till April 2017. After 1 year exactly, I got kicked from TfF due to internal discussion. So, I tried to convince them as much as I could. But it was like talking to a walk. None listening to me. I never wanted to leave TfF but I got forced to leave it and it hurt. I got inactive a month and some days. After that, playing on ffs server, I got invited to make an application at The Crew's clan. I decided to give it a try and I got accepted. After some time in it, we tried to join L7 tournament. I knew I had some skills at WFF from past years from DDC wff clan-wars/tournaments. They were new there and I felt like I didn't fit there. I recieved an invitation by the best WFF clan aka tremendos xN xd. I accepted the invitation and to keep focusing on L7 tournaments, which was the OS one. We won many clanwars and we almost win it, being a full DM clan jaja! Well, after that ''shining'' times, ffs got interested to recruit me. Instead of looking where I was and what I am. I decided to go for the ''fame'', to join the most known clan from the game and to be with some MTA legends xd. And I completly forgot what I was about to lose. Well, you know how did I feel on that clan, I completly got unmotivated and to not keep playing the game. I felt so forced to train/play. Then after 3 months I decided to leave that clan because it was simply destroying me. Then I thought about what did I have before and what do I have now. And there is a very biiig diference sadly :/. Since I've joined xN before, I've met fantastic and amazing people. Motivating members. Working as a team, training as a team and having fun as a family. I sincerly miss that time. And what I can only say now is that, Please, forgive me, I am a bit frustrated with the move I did without thinking things good enough. I miss you all so much and please, no hagas el cometas el mismo error ❤️ Clans where I've been: xtreme Gamers - xG| Small Hustlers Crew - SHC// skilled Players - -sK- Kings of Night - |KoN| Firestarters Of The Land - [FOTL] The Favoured Few - /TfF\ Female Body inspectors - |FBi| Pwn - (PwN) elite Players - eP! The Crew - 'TC| Nitrous Racing - xN# FFS Gaming - -ffs- Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: I've already been in this awesome clan and I can't say anything bad from you hermanos. I miss you so much and I would love you to forgive me, I've finally found a family in this awesome competitivity game. A team that works together with everything. A team that motivates themselves to be better at anything. Having daily fun together on social networks like whatsapp jaja. Apart from knowing you already, you are the best WFF team out there. You guys love to train. Maybe, maybe, maybe, (who knows), xN backs at something, let's say maybe to OS? ❤️ What can you contribute with / Why do you think we'd accept you: I'm an experienced WFF player and I am focusing myself to this gamemode since I know how it works. But lately I've been training hunter a bit. I love training WFF and show the best from me. I see myself a top-player and I would like to help xN to stay on the top. Besides that, I can help you with the L7 OS and with hunter clan-wars too. Futhermore, pointing my personality, I consider myself a mature guy, friendly, funny, communicative, I know when to be serious and when not, etc. Im a positive guy overall. Spanish PD#1: Lo siento mucho bros, fue un error muy grande. Estuvo súper mal hecho. Ya se que aparte de todo, ustedes me avisaron ya de como era ese clan y de que me encontraría ahí. Les quiero pedir un PERDÓN muy grande, pero muy muy grande. Quiero volver con ustedes petes, capos, cometas xd. Lo siento mucho de verdad, sobre todo Adidas me estuvo avisando jaja salu2. Pero bueno, yo en ese tiempo solo pensaba en tener la tag de ffs ya que siempre he querido llevarla, desde que mas o menos empecé MTA, ffs ya era de los grandes, entonces ha sido un pequeño ''sueño''. Pero no todo lo grande sale bueno jajjajaj. Perdonadme chicos, de verdad que quiero volver con el team el cual me merezco, desde que entre en ffs he estado comparando en como va el clan y como esta estructurado, y la verdad que ahi me sentia un completo desastre xd ❤️ No volvera a pasar xNs, los amo English PD#1: Hello, I love xN and I love the cometas. Spanish PD#1: No hagas el cometas el mismo error ❤️
  8. VonKasty

    Facu ft. Adidas - Khe Skills

    You are loved just for being who you are, just for existing. You don’t have to do anything to earn it. Your shortcomings, your lack of self-esteem, physical perfection, or social and economic success – none of that matters. No one can take this love away from you, and it will always be here.
  9. VonKasty

    Bulla join request

    Suerte pete 🤑