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  1. VonKasty

    I'd like to introduce myself.

    Nice photoshop skills
  2. VonKasty

    Nitrous Racing - MTA Theme

    Niceee, thanks for the theme Vitalic ❤️
  3. VonKasty

    declined ZNuke Join Request

    Here we go again :3
  4. VonKasty

    declined Phantom's Join Request

    Oh Phantom 😮 Good luck old mate! ❤️
  5. VonKasty

    Last Shot Counts - SH Tournament (Registration)

    Team's Name: Glowing Stars (xd) Contact: u got me Players: - Kastyz - Relax @Relax - EMINEM @EM1N3M Reserves: - Kastyz - Relax - EMINEM
  6. VonKasty

    accepted Sixiz Join Request #2

    Mucha suerte Sixiz! De verdad le quiero ver de vuelta en xN. Todos cometemos errores y todos merecemos oportunidades, ahí es cuando se demuestra el interés de verdad hh :3 xNSixiz!!!!
  7. VonKasty

    my name yani

    BEASTO BULGARO ENGLANDO ❤️ ahreeeeeeeee
  8. VonKasty


    Hello everyone this is Kasty-.-
  9. VonKasty

    declined Kingpierre's Join Request

    Best of luck Pierre! ;D I hope you aren't here with bad intentions
  10. VonKasty

    declined Shacle's Attempt

    yessss, stafu dredd yeah perdonen kame hame ha
  11. VonKasty

    declined BLTZ's Join Request

    Not NEEDED!? I hope you someday will forgive me for what you have just said
  12. VonKasty

    declined BLTZ's Join Request

    Weren't you KoN!?
  13. VonKasty

    News #07: Alliance with Progression

    Congratulations to all of you guys! Enjoy your stay. Sadly Zoomy retired again ;( Btw Gz ryder too! h0h0h0
  14. VonKasty

    accepted EM1N3M's Join request

    no hagas el cometas
  15. VonKasty

    accepted EM1N3M's Join request

    emii se te echaba ❤️