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    Nickname / Location / Personal info: Jauzz. My real name is Dominiki, I'm from Hungary, Miskolc. I am 18 years old, studying mason, passionate of the game of Football and also of the music. Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details: My career started around 2011 when I discovered MTA. At the beginning i was playing on Dayz servers which were popular those days. Few months later I found server called MIKI where i meet few awesome Friends. I started to play shooter since it looks fun for me. Than I joined clan where i met Pixel that introduced me to DM. After 8 months i was searching for DM server with Polish community. I found PPS where i was playing until it went down. After it i had break because i was bored of MTA. More than 1 year later i came back and i found server called Treningowy Polski Server where i met Luminaire, Shael, Shaolin, Syku and more. In this time i joined CPP where i played my first clanwar. Sadly we lost it 9-11. After TPS was closed I moved to ER where i first heard of xN. In late 2017 I moved to TfF where i was playing. In this time i was invited to Prime Now by my good friend Seeky. After 2 months I've seen lack of activity so i left. When Vultaic started TfF lost on popularity so i moved to FFS server where in late 2018 I was invited to International Team. That was a place where i met awesome people like Alpist, Joulex, Finn and others. Later we qualified to L7 and got invited to SHC Tournament. Both of this Tournaments were succesed for me until the match against ffs where i found that most of our squad were unmotivated to play or didnt have enough time to train or participate in events. I also didnt have enough of time to participate in L7 against xN and Uff. Clans you have been part of: Hold the Fort G0ld Star Over-Powered Mafioso Auto Drivers How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing?: Clan Wars, Mapping, and assistance, both pyhisical and financial Additional Information: Discord: JauzZ#8025 Facebbok: (I can provide you my number in PM) Skype: Jauzz (I don't really use it but here ya go) Thanks for taking your time, my best wishes for everyone of you-Dominik (JauzZ)