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    declined Astic join request #2

    Nickname/Location/Personal info: My name is Patryk, (Nickname ingame -Astic). Im from Poland But im Living since 5 years in Germany. I love to sk8, im 20 years old My MTA carrerr: So I started to play Mta in ca. 2009/2010 at Andromeda server, these days i was kiddo and i played at 9 fps but somehow dm/dd made me a lot of fun. Year 2013 was most important for me when it comes to my mta carrer i spent a lot time on -RB- server (Red Bull), At meantime i found my first clan in mta PMC| ( Polish Mon$ter Clan ) when i played my first dm clanwar i falled in love at DM clanwars. I trained hard to get chance to play cws for clans which had meaning at MTA DM scene. After i left PMC| i joined to clans which gave me a lot of experience at DM clanwars. Since 2015-2018 i spent a lot time at /TfF\ server i meet also many people and i had just fun. Clans you have been part of: PMC| - Polish Monster Clan ePic! LoD| - Lords of Destruction -sK- - sKilled UnG// - Unit Gaming Why you would to join Nitrous Racing: Because of nice atmosphere in clan, old clan mates How would you be useful for Nitrous Racing: Basicly for dm clan wars, any kinf of support Additional Information: My English GAY