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  1. Today we have faced Korn (Knights of Red Knight) I must say we expected a close and intense clan war. At first, the score was 8-2 for Korn, here we thought every hope is lost but then we stepped up and managed to make a comback and so win the match with a score of 11-9. Thanks for everyone who played, thanks for SkreePy for being a referee.
  2. Clan war Information: Date: Sunday, 29th March 2020 Time: 17:00 CET Type: DM Server: iW's clanwars server Maps: 10 Rounds: 20 Nitrous Racing (xN#) Players: - Shanks - SkreePy - Facuuzz - Positiv - Kevin Maps: - Ravolt v19 - Ravoltage 2 - BreAkeR v5 - Level UP - Finale v2 - Heaven Fall - BriaN ft. Gasoil ft. KnOwN ft. Pepyaka - Body Talk - LabiVila v3 Almost Invaded Knights of Red Night ([Korn]) Players: - LonneX - Azooz - Crystal - GhosT - Fouad Maps: - CooN & V1sh4L '~' | Coosh4LProject - KacaK - Save Your Heart - SymoN V12 - Temple of God - Osnet - Focus - PeiN ft. Drake - Collateral Damage III Rules: DeathMatch Rules: In case of camping and/or shortcutting, participant will be blown up; if he keeps doing shortcuts or camps, he may be eliminated without the possibility of replacing him, only after referee directly warns him about that If no one has reached the hunter, the clan with the player that got furthest gets the point. If both of each clan reached the same place and no one else got further, we redo the current map. In case of map time runs out during the hunter fight, we set a hunter map. Skipping vehiclechange pickups is not allowed. Skipping nitro/repair pickups is allowed. Releasing the nos late is allowed. Driving backward parts forward is allowed. Driving roof parts forward is allowed. Doing the fast jump as much as you don't cut a big part is allowed. Backshooting while reaching hunter is not allowed. Shooting cars is allowed. Spraying cars is not allowed. Backshooting is allowed. Spraying is not allowed. FPS: minimum of 36. If your FPS suddenly goes down/ping suddenly goes up randomly and it has some pattern (fraps users, ping increasing tricks), you will get disqualificated. Ping: maximum of 300 - can be higher only if stable. Hunter Rules: A team with the last surviving player gets the point. Hunter fight is started by a countdown started by referee. No backshooting allowed in the meantime. Spraying is not allowed. Destroying vehicles with hunter is allowed. Destroying vehicles before the countdown is not allowed. Killing hunters which are stuck by decorations is not allowed. In case someone dies due to being stuck in the decorations we're restarting the fight on a hunter map. In case of map limit, the hunter fight will be restarted on a hunter map. In case there's hunter fight with less than 3 player per team, we're moving on a closed hunter map.