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  1. Nickname / Location / Personal info: Hey! My name is Ahmed mokdam / Wanted*. i'm 26 and i live in TN/TUNISIA Tell us about you and your MTA:SA career in details: Around 5 years earlier. I got invitation from lilgara to play MTA for the frist time in a cops and robbers server. I was having a pleasant time with my friends. and i knew this game was perfect for me , a few months after playing on the server. it was starting to get boring for me, maybe it wasn't exactly what i wanted. I liked this game. And i knew i had to find another server. After a prolonged search i found two servers called TG/EPG/FFS, i had no idea about the servers. i was just watching and i liked the destruction and fun way the players were doing. i tried my first time and i found it enjoyable so i became a Shooter / DMer Clans you have been part of: 3R - // 3lite Racers // Shooter 3R - // 3lite Racers // DM zN! - zNation! 'AUR| - Aurora Gaming [INT] - Internation Team FY# - Furious Army DH| - DeathMatch Harders uK' - Unknown Killers And much more from 2011 i don't remember them. Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: I would like to express my experience with you, I consider myself as a loyal friendly and good behavior person calm too, I could bring up new ideas to improve Shooter/DM section much more, I can managing tournaments and servers aswell, and i hope to improve the Shooter/DM squad much more as i can, I also can participate in all of the clan activities since i have got good skills at Shooter. i have a lot of time so i'll be usefully in the server and clanwars, also i am searching for a clan with rules and to be stable in it with lovely players, . My intention is to have the well-being among all people because this is just a game, i know how to take the right judges against the rule breakers and trouble makers so i'd be grateful to help improving the community much more, i am also looking for a clan to stay long time there until the end of my career. How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing?: I have Shooter experience , I can be useful for many things you ask me if I know how to do, but I can be useful in clanwars particulary in Shooter/DM, I want to say I am a mature person that doesn't like problems and always tries to solve the problems, I am in computer & networks course and I will learn a lot of programming that may be useful someday. i am always looking forward to make some friends to develop my skills with them Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team: Im web developer and im working from 2016 with much communities to improve their Forums , im still learning LUA to start scripting in MTA:SA with friends. Additional information: I decided to try my luck with xN because im good shooter player , and web developer so i can improve xN's Forum soon. Contact me on Discord:Wanted#1942 Skype:live:ahmed_mokdam
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