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  1. Luka_ce

    Nitrous Racing vs Iron Will

    no voy a jaguar?
  2. You've done a good job guys,congratz both teams. xn el mejor
  3. Luka_ce

    Azooz's jr #2

    don't waste ur time here mate,better you search another community,seems like u won't fit on our familly.
  4. Luka_ce

    News #04: What's been going on?

    Very nice news, keep the hard work guys!😎
  5. Luka_ce

    Hello guys

    welcome my old friend
  6. Luka_ce

    ceaN's Join Request

    Good luck old team mate!
  7. Luka_ce

    Show yourself!

    I want to show nudes,can i post it here or should I make another topic?
  8. Luka_ce

    hola a todos

    td bn, como mierda este tuco habla español?
  9. Luka_ce

    good gayme so I won't liar i was noobxD

    Ahshaakdtajabsuqldfa aweonado ❤️💯
  10. Luka_ce

    General Discussion

    Yo si uso la camiseta que dice me gusta la berga 😻
  11. Luka_ce

    The time has finallly come

  12. Luka_ce

    Shuk Join Request

    Nice to see a bro from Uruguay!,good luck<3. And nice to see your effort to write in english