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  1. Luka_ce

    accepted LookaT's Application

  2. Luka_ce

    accepted FernandinhO's Join Request

    Lastima que se van a quedar afuera en semis,saludos
  3. Luka_ce

    I'd like to introduce myself.

    I like your dog
  4. Luka_ce

    good gayme so I won't liar i was noobxD

    bump this lmao xd
  5. Luka_ce

    declined Shacle's Attempt

    Good luck,remember you from pS😋
  6. Luka_ce

    declined BLTZ's Join Request

    Good luck my boy❤
  7. Luka_ce

    News #07: Alliance with Progression

    Our familly becoming bigger and better!, Congratz new boys, hope U'all do your best for our familly!. Thanks everyone who wrote jr, don't give up who didnt join this time!.
  8. Luka_ce

    accepted EM1N3M's Join request

  9. Luka_ce

    accepted Chaos' Application!

    Sorry but I dont agree with you. If u want to have a priv conv feel free to pm me and i can explain u.
  10. Luka_ce

    accepted Chaos' Application!

    I remember when I was in Z,you just joined and left after 1 month or so.. then; Why should I vote for you?,anything Changed?
  11. Luka_ce

    accepted ShaoliN comeback

  12. Luka_ce

    Vortex's Introduction

    Welcome to our community,hope u can put more effort to solve ur problems.
  13. Luka_ce

    canceled SebasxZ Join Request

  14. Luka_ce

    declined Dove's attempt

    Very nice effort. Good luck z team mate
  15. Luka_ce

    BLTZ# - Hunter Montage #1

    HAHA ez for me :VVVVVV you learned well from your teacher ;))))))))