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  1. Good morning, Today we're launching our official group stages bracket which will be updated daily on this thread, both the gameplay rules and general rules will be also down below the bracket. so check 'em out! I'd like to personally thank everyone who helped me with the tournament and especially: @AnarchY, who helped me with orgnaizing and making the tournament, @Floxbiee, who helped me a lot with ideas and match managing @FeeBe, for being referee. and finally i'd like to thank xN team and all of it's members for trusting me in making this tournament happen. General rules: Do not insult, spam or provoke in any way possible. Do not talk about religions or mention any personal kind stuff. Do not try to make troubles without given good reasons. Any kind of harass will be taken seriously and you will be warned, later you will be disqualified and banned. Gameplay information: Every map is 10 minutes duration. Minimum FPS is 45 while maximum Ping is 130. When asked for redo, you have only 5 seconds to reply. Any kind of game glitches/bugs won't be taken as cheating. You can set round status free for only 10 minutes in total. You can't add new players or remove old ones during a match. If you have a problem with a referee, report them privately with a good given reason. Gameplay rules: Do not camp or stay in one place if you have a free way. Do not talk in mainchat under any kind of situations. Do not try cheating or ruining the game. Do not set round free in hard situations. Do not rage quit, you will be replaced and kicked from the tournament.
  2. Pentaroyidx

    Nitrous Racing: DD Championship

    We're starting off today with the first match of the day (MM vs. NFS), later we will post the bracket, rules and the rest of the information so stay tuned!
  3. Nitrous Racing: Destruction Derby Championship Hello, community as you might have guessed from the title we (Nitrous Racing) are doing a destruction derby championship event coming up this week, you may also read this topic to know all the needed information about it and to follow it's rules, and with that being said let's start this off. Organisation and tournament type The tournament will consist of 4 groups and each group will include 4 teams, in total we will have 16 teams. Each team will play against the other 3 teams in its group and there will be 2 winner clans from each group (by points) after group stage matches, clans will play against each other in elimination type, these will be scheduled judging whether a clan finished first or second in their group i.e if Clan1 finished first in Group A they'll face Clan2 which finished second in a different group. (Whoever loses their match gets out) We will follow the bracket till the final match which will decide who's the best standing team at the moment. As known this tournament is private so only the invited teams will be able to play it, the invited team are as follows below: xN# - Nitrous Racing [GF] - Green Force [LnD] - Legends Never Die [HC] - Hungry Cheetahs [CwC] - Cuz we Can [HTF] - Hold The Fort [1939] - 1939 6s| - Sixth Sense [MM] - Mutable Monsters [GoD] - Gladiators of Darkness 3R| - 3lite Racers KekZ| - Kekz die Kekse /TfF\ - The Favoured Few [LnS] - Land Saviors [NFS] - Need For Speed TMS// - Twisted Metal Stunters Whenever we're going to start the tournament, we will provide a topic with the tournament bracket, an online bracket on Challeonge and the rules that must be followed in the game matches. Good luck in the event and we'll see you next time soon! Sincerely, Pentaroyidx!
  4. Pentaroyidx

    DD: Nitrous Racing 12-8 Zenosyne

    Dont even comment this cw :Dd u wanted to win vs our secondary team, i cant even imagine what u would do on ur forum if u would win. I just added cw vs community clan dont be mad amigooo
  5. Nitrous Racing: 12 xN#Pentaroyidx xN#d1Kuba xN#RolandGarros xN#Masterm!nd xN#Skelyx xN#Roachy xN#Facuzz Zenosyne: 8 Trend#Z FrusaweL#Z Sentro#Z Maps: xN | Cross S15 & Cross ZL Z | Zaya Training & Cross MEY Server: /TfF\ DD ClanWar server
  6. Nitrous Racing: 13 xN#Pentaroyidx xN#d1Kuba xN#RolandGarros xN#Masterm!nd xN#Skelyx xN#Roachy Sixth Sense: 7 F3NN|6s JoinT|6s StromCrow|6s Valyrieroth|6s Maps: xN | Cross S15 & Cross XL 6s | Destruction Water & Mountain Derby Server: Sixth Sense DD ClanWar server Video:
  7. Pentaroyidx

    Pentaroyidx's join request

    Nickname / Location / Personal info: Pentaroyidx, Poland, 18yo. Tell us about you and your history in MTA / clans you've been part of: I started to play mta in 2013, I've been in {vVv}, [FOTL], 'TC| Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: Its known, stable clan. I hope i will have chance to stay here for much time. What can you contribute with / Why do you think we'd accept you: I want to make DD team.