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    Nickname / Location / Personal info: My nickname is Hayden/LMN7^, I'm from Maldonado, Uruguay. Currently I'm 18 years old (19 in late's November) Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details: I started playing MTA around 2010/2011. I used to play a lot in a server called PRO|Race, there I spent a lot of time every single day, it was too much fun, also met a lot of friends who till this day I have a lot of contact with.Later on that server closed but a new one would show up, it was made by a group of friends which also used to play in that other server, I don't remember the full name of it but the clan in general was named 'i7'. There I met a lot of people like one called Ivan from Argentina, Boxter, Bolt, Zinc, etc. Unfortunately that server didn't last long but with some time, one of my friends had the idea to make a new clan for all the latin people, it was LxG, an incredible family were I spent all my time playing and being part of till ends of 2014.In late's 2014 I quit MTA because I had to focus on my studies, also I was pretty inactive because I was a little bit bored of the game, so I just did it, and in January of 2019, I came back. I was happy because after all those years I was still playing like I used to but I also noticed that the people around improved a lot, so I wanted to be better. Around February I met a guy called Asency who teached me a lot and also introduced me to wff, I didn't know what that was but after he explained it I got very interested, so we started training a lot till I actually improved and also got noticed by a member of a clan named Iron Will. He told me that I should try and make a jr because I had a good chance of joining. I wasn't very sure about it because I still wanted to improve even more before joining a clan but I ended up making it, and later on I joined and spent a lot of time with them till starts of September. Clans you have been part of: LxG//: (2011/2012/2013 to 2014) [I don't really remember when it started xd] iW//: (2019, March to September) Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: Because I have a lot of friends in this clan, also I've seen they are very competitive, friendly, and very respected by the community so I think this would be the right move for me, I'd really love to be part of this family. How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing? I play a lot of hdm, also, I'm a wff/dm player so I think I'd be of help for clanwars and tournaments. Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team: I know a lot of photoshop so maybe I could help with cw banners and stuff. Additional Information: Actually I'd like to clarify something. Yesterday I made a jr to FoXX because I've heard they were searching for wff players and thought I'd fit pretty well in that team. That was until I saw that it was a wrong move for me, the best option was to try and join xN so I cancelled it. I don't really know if I'll get accepted over here but I still wanna try it because you are one of the best teams out there and you seem like a great family, so I thought I would just try and see what will happen in the future. __________________________________________ Well, that's it, thank you guys for your time Greetings, Hayden.