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  1. Lofak

    LoFaK's Join Request

    Nickname / Location / Personal info: Hello my name is Šimon and in the game you can find me as a LoFaK^?! or just LoFaK. I'm 18 years old but in a few days i"ll turn 19 and i'm living in Slovakia. In my free time i like to drive my car or chill with my friends somewhere in the town or cotage. Instead of these things only, i like to play games as MTA, Rocket League or just take a walk with my dog. Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details: I started to play MTA in the middle of 2013 on the server called FFS Gaming. On this server i was learning what is DM/Hunter and how to play it. In a few weeks i get into it and was improving and trying to get better. In 2014 i joined my first clan called [BJ]. These guys show me some hunter mechanics and how to be better. I was in clan about 1 year to the 2015 when was clan closed by leader. In 2015 instead of ffs i start to play tff and #er. On these servers i was most of my time. In 2016 i was just improving not joining any clan. Want to get better and then apply for a good clan. In 2017 i saw a clan called -nTL- i wanted to join so i made a join request. In the same year i left the clan bcz of problems with leader. After that i was invited into the reopened clan /AiR\ by Plexy. Clan was closed after some time by leader. In 2018 I had a little break about half a year. I started to play again in the autumn of 2018. I was invited to some less known clans but i refuse. 2019 is here and i"m playing on FFS Gaming and TfF (HDM/DM/Hunter) Clans you have been part of: [BJ] - Black Jackals (closed) |-nTL-| - Nothing to Lose (left) /AiR\ - Awesome in Races. (closed) Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: It's a serious clan with a good community when i have a few friends. I want to compete again in cw's or tournaments and be helpfull. How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing?  I'm active and i think sometimes a good player . I can contribute in cw"s and tournaments. Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team: My abilities are HDM/DM as i mentioned before. In hunter i'm not the best player but also not the worse one. Additional Information: Skype - simon.a.tomas Thanks for reading my application.