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  1. zLuTheRulez

    declined JR - LuTheR

    Name, age and country: My name is Thomas and I am 19 years old. I live in Lima, Peru. My name of the game is LuTheR. Occupation: Well, in my free time I play MTA and go out with friends. I am also studying at the Environmental Engineering University, I also have a job and for these holidays I try to raise as much money as possible for my new pc. When did you start playing MTA? Well, I started playing MTA since 2009, and despite the time that has elapsed so far, I still like it because of the diversity of ways there are. What clans have you been to? Official Clans: | X5 | (Xtreme 5) -uFo- (Disarmed Force) LpS | (Professional Latin Style) LxG // (Latin xtreme Gaming) Evo // (Evolution) XrC (Xtreme Racing Clan) [TRD] (The Revolution Dinasty) SwC // (Skill without control) [?] (Incognito games) Unofficial Clans: | AW | (Avast Warrior) TMW (The Most Wanted) in FFS What game modes do you dominate? Well, I master several game modes that are: DM (OS and Alpha) [8/10] Hunter [8/10] Shooter (MID, GK and AK) [7/10] Race [6/10] Stealth [7/10] DD [5/10] Why do you want to enter xN? Because I see that it is a very good clan with a lot of potential. I also have a friend in that clan. And I think I could contribute a lot in that clan since I have experiences in Clan Wars and I want to continue improving my level. I will support the clan in all that I can to be number 1 in the whole mta. How to contact me: Skype: luther.mta Discord: zLuTheRulez # 6382 Well, without further ado, thank you for reading this and for having met your clan. Sorry if I fail something, my English is intermediate xd