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  1. Lukaculz

    accepted mon's Join Request

  2. Lukaculz

    declined KONASK's Join Request

    Hello, You join request got DECLINED. Please, feel free to post another one.
  3. Lukaculz

    What are you listening at the moment?

    UFFF 0:50
  4. Lukaculz

    accepted Inspra's Join Request

  5. Lukaculz

    News #09: The Halloween News

    I like everything from this topic, nice work Guy. Congratz 11 your promotion is much deserved and good luck in WSF kids
  6. Lukaculz

    accepted LookaT's Application

    xecN: i have one cat name loo cat and he not smart Declined for using g instead of q
  7. Lukaculz

    accepted Vitalic's Join Request

    Take this kid back and win another L7 OS
  8. Lukaculz

    canceled ALPT Join Request <3

    Good luck meu amigo
  9. I'd like to introduce you "Piece Of Your Heart
  10. Lukaculz

    Hello Guyssss

    Hey nice to meet you & welcome.
  11. Lukaculz

    lost [SH] Nitrous Racing vs Paradoix (9-11)

    GG guys ! You can't win every time, but you should detect the problems and work hard to fix them. Let's go xN
  12. Lukaculz

    accepted Yalm's Join Request

    Los dos mejores peruanos tienen que estar en el mejor clan
  13. Lukaculz

    L7 OS Tour 5 Champions

    We are L7 Oldschool champions for the first time. It means a lot to us and I want to congratulate every player who participated in the tournament. Here are some stats you must know from our top 3 players: