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  1. xHammuDi

    Nitrous Racing - MTA Theme

    Well done! Thank you.
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  4. Hello guys! I'd like to make a join request to Nitrous Racing family hope you enjoy read it. Nickname / Location / Personal info: My name is Mohamed or Hammudi, I live on occupied palestine is now known as Israel. I'm 20 years old on 11th of january in 2020 I will reach 21 years old, I'm working already on resturant/cafe that's makes me know more people on my life and meeting new guys and let other know me. Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details: Well I started MTA SA in the last of 2008 because I was playing before SAMP and GTAStunting before, so I played on my first server was OS server that I didn't knew what is OS at that time, It was my first time with my closest friend and he told me about this game and he already left for some of personal reasons, he told me to stay on this game and playing till he comeback but he never came back and I still playing for nowadays cause I promised him to stay here. Since 2010 I heard from some of my friends that there's a server in MTA named FFS GAMING I asked them about this kind of servers it was the answer of this question that there's not one gamemode in this server but there's many gamemodes espicially OS room that I was loving something named Oldschool ! I started to play OS there and I met new friends and new servers Like Twisted Gamers, Xtreme pro racers, The favoured few etc.. I'm still playing to this days. Clans you have been part of: On official clans I was on one in the last period named Crew Nation "cN", On FFS clans I was a part on many clans that I was helping them on clanwars and depositing money that I'm really don't remember all clans but I know some of them like: sS (Stinking Strikers), sR (Street Racers), TFM (Traggers Forums Managers) It was my own clan, PTS Gaming, RIP (Rest In Peace FFS Legend) it was for my friend and deleted. Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: Nitrous racing is one of good clans and I already decided to be on this strong clan that I saw DM members how they having fun together and how they playing and I've skills maybe on this clan I could give my best to Nitrous Racing family. How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing? Yeah, as I said before I'm so good on Deathmatch and hunter I could help you in clanwars, funwars etc.. By the way No one doesn't know me on FFS server cause I've skills on Stuntage, Shooter. Substantially I could play whatever you want because I've this power to use. Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team: Yes, I've like stuntage skills as I told you before, shooter skills. I could use it on playing with this family to be one of Nitros racing team to feel that power comes up when I play and everything will be visible when I reach this thing and be one of Nitrous Racing the balanced team. Additional Information: Hope you enjoy reading I wish you have a good day while you reading this join request guys and I'm sorry if I take your time on reading, sorry for my bad english I could rate my english (7/10) because I'm not that guy who know all english words but I can manage myself, Always remember trust in god is a success. Contact me on discord: Dc.xHammuDi#6124 Best regards sincerely, Your friend! 💘