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  1. sinso

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    why am i australian noticed?
  2. 1. General introduction: Well my name is Fernando, I am currently 20 years old, I was born on 09/06/1999, I live in São Paulo / Brazil. In the game my name is sinso/sackn 2. Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details: Well, I started playing mta at the end of 2008. I played on a Russian server until a colleague of mine called me to play on no GTA.RU server where I had my first contact with DM maps, since then I wanted to improve more in the game and then met the UnG United Games server, met several people there. Well, I was most encouraged to improve, that's when I started training more maps of the season, after mastering a bit of the game, when I joined my first -sK- clan in 2014. But it turned out that the leader stopped playing and the clan closed down. in 2015 I joined my second clan ~ | SwC-. I stayed 1 year until the clan closed again, after that I was just training. Well at the end of 2018 to 2019, I joined the clan [FoXX] where I made a lot of friendships, I improved a lot my WFF had some matches that I got highlighted and today I'm trying to join xN to tighten my WFF I'm sure I have a great potential I am already at the level of taking difficult tops on the server. and continuing to train hard everyday. 3. Clans you have been part of: -sK- Skilled Gaming ~|SwC- Skills Without Control [FoXX] Force Out Xtreme 4. Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: Well, I would like to join the clan because I know it has the best players in the game, because I want to become part of this family and be one of the best in the clan to be able to show how big we are. We are not just a normal clan but yeah a family. 5. How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing? Well, I'll do my best to help in cw's DM and WFF, I'll try to be the funniest person in the clan to be able to make people smile because I really like "fun" and of course I'll do my best to help the clan in other things. And if need be and I will do my best to always strengthen the clan more and more clearly to make the clan a family. 6. You have extra skills and how you can use them on our team: Well, lately I've been working hard on WFF because I want to become one of the best players, and help alot in WFF championships. 7. Additional Information: Discord: sackn#6347 I wait anxiously 😁✌🏻