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    SNX's Join Request for Nitrous Racing Nickname / Location / Personal Info Since 2017 formerly known as SNX, but there is a slight chance of someone still knowing me as Sonix. I have moved back to Poland just few months ago which caused my little break from the game and the MTA community in general. Speaking of that, I am obviously fluent in Polish, but I also speak English fluently. My name is Kamil and I sadly turned 20 just in November. Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details To begin with, my long-lasting story with MTA has actually started around May of 2010, I have been of course playing San Andres way earlier, if I am not mistaken it all began in 2006 or so. Back to the point, in 2010 I was invited by one of my classmates to try something new and how he called it "a better version of SAMP", so did I. I tried and loved it, I was not expecting that MTA can be any better than the other multiplayer. The reason why I thought so is pretty simple, it was still GTA SA, what could possibly be different in MTA? Apparently I was wrong, because I instantly fell in love with all the features and possibilities that mta offers to players. The very first server I have been playing on was a polish roleplay, I liked it and actually stayed for around 4 years. Alongside with the previously mentioned server I have been also playing on zombie server which was pretty popular back in the day. I also managed to join the admins team, but it was just a team, not an actual clan, this is why I never mention it. The severs were not growing and improving at all so day by day it has obviously become boring for me and in 2014 I decided to try something new, something different to attract myself to the game again. I simply opened the server browser and clicked on the server with largest playerbase. It is not surprising that it was FFS. Multigamemode was something that I have never seen before, so I eventually stayed there for longer than I expected. I started off as Trials players and soon I switched to Protect The President. Nonetheless, trials is still something that I honestly adore. I went inactive in 2015 due to moving to Germany, it lasted few months, but I came back, kept playing and eventually joined the clan in 2017. Then my taste in gamemodes totally changed, I started actively playing DM and Shooter, but I suck till this day. I left the clan in September 2018. My in-game activity significantly lowered and then I joined AceVerso in January 2019, stayed there till the project got abandoned. And now I am here writing yet another Join Request to a clan. Clans you have been part of For Fuck Sake 29.06.2017 - 12.09.2018 (retired) Seventh Miracle 20.11.2018-06.12.2018 (left) AceVerso 20.01.2019 - unknown (left) Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing To be totally honest, I'd like to join mostly because the clan roster looks good and promising, the clan consists of some members that I already know and like/keep in touch with, but I'm looking forward to getting to know the rest of the clan aswell. Second of all, Nitrous Racing seems to be pretty successful in MTA overall which is also one of the reasons that attract me to join the strong team. How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing?  That's the weakest part of me and this application as I am not really good in any gamemode, so I would not really be useful in clan wars, however I might be a good mental support - let's call it like that. I would of course be watching clan wars, but I would rather not be playing any. On the other side, I can say that I'm pretty good at administrating and also solving problems. I think I'm calm person, but I can be moody and mean sometimes. I tend to get upset quickly, but since dealing with problems was my duty for long time in previous clan I can easily control myself now. Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team Well, I'm kind of interested in web developing (mainly front-end), but I was learning on my own, so I'm not really professional, however I might be useful and able to help with some things. SNX