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    1-) Nickname / Location / Personal info: Hey, I am Esp4wN. My name is Mertcan and I am living in Aydın/Nazilli/Turkey.I am student right now. I am 22 years old.I like to watch series & films and listening music.I really love to walk while listening music. In my free times I am going to gym & hanging out with my friends. 2-) Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details: Well my MTA career starts from MTA-TR like %90 of turks. I didnt know how to speak english so MTA-TR was only server I visit daily.I meet very good people here I played in MTA-TR till it get closed by owners.In MTA 1.3 I created a clan to myself called fza which had awesome members(mostly turks) . It was great team but I had issues with some members so I decided to close it.After that clan I didnt join any clan for a while one day a player of MTA-TR called Iranlee opened BHD server.I started to play on it. 1-2 months later I joined BHD.BHD had awesome atmoshpere till Iranlee get cancer called Bella.Everyone left by day by so I left too.After long time of inactvity I back to MTA.I saw turks opened a brand new clan called Korn.I joined Korn we played clanwars & enjoyed together.When Korn merged with SoR I left it.Then I joined another clan "Dws" Dws was just merged with XpR and it was really awesome After Dws I didnt join any other clans till 2017.I was inactive and I was bussy with mapping stuff.In 2017 I got invite to Every's clan(up).I stayed in it like 1month but I got bored cuz I wasnt talking to anyone cuz none of them was my friends. I left Up then I came to here to join some bigger community. 3-)Clans you have been part of: 1-|DST|=Dangerous Skillers Team, 2-|Korn|=Knights of The Red Nights, 3-|Dws|= Down With the Sickness, 4-UP=Unlimited Power 5-/TFF\= The Favoured Few 4-Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: Family Amosphere , 'have a very good team for WFF ' 5-)How would you be use ful to Nitrous Racing?: I can do many things. Iam very active player in game & forum.I can help you with mapping stuff. 6-)Additional Information: My Discord : Esp4wN#4719