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Found 1 result

  1. Sixiz

    accepted Sixiz Join Request #2

    *Hey, before you start reading this, I will explain in detail my journey in the game and why I left, so, It will not be very easy to read If you are a reader that gets easily bored, so, if you read this completely I will be very grateful for that. Keep this on mind.* Nickname / Location / Personal info: Sixiz. My real name is Cristian Arismendi, I'm from Chile, Osorno. Actually I'm living in the city of Temuco. I am 20 years old, studying Electric Engineering, passionate of the game of Basketball and also of the music. Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details: My career in MTA started in 2008 or 2009 in a server called Full Theft Auto, It was a roleplay that was very fun for me, those days were good and till today I remember them with much love like a nostalgic old man. Later I went to the freeroams and I played mainly in the DKR Freeroam server, which for me, it was the best by far, I still miss it. When the year of 2012 came, I started to play in the "Day-Z mod" servers, having also very nice memories with my friends and spending a long time playing in those servers. One day, I went in a server that belonged to a chilean community, which it was called "XuG", later I realized that this clan wasn't mainly a Day-Z community, it was a DM/DD community. I didn't know what was the DM by that time, so, I went to the main server and I tried this new game mode. I felt in love, I remember that my first map that I played was Packy v9 - Backwards and FiNN v2. Playing with an infernus and going nuts at 198km/h was the best sensation for me and I decided to keep playing this game mode, so, this was my start at this game mode. After several months of training, I tried my chances there, it didn't matter for me at what cost I would join, I just wanted to get in. They let me, but not as a full member, more likely as a "junior". They said that they were going to make me develop my game and evaluate my progress, and for my good, hell that they did. Thanks to them I had my first notion of how to play a clanwar, how to play harder maps, how to play hunter, etc. That was a very funny time and I really appreciated it. After 8 months, the dream came to an end, XuG had to close due to its inactivity and I had to seek another path in my MTA journey. I started to play in servers like ffs and TG (mostly at TG) and there I met a guy called HellKnight, he was the leader of the "sKilled" community by that time and it took my attention. I visited their server, met some of their guys and I liked them, the clan was mostly composed by brazilians and some other latins, also, a fun fact, there were two ex-clan mates and that's most likely the reason of why I wanted to join them. I spent some time there and I made my join request there, took a few weeks and they accepted me. It was cool to be honest, similar ambient of my previous clan but for things of destiny the clan started to decay. It had to merge with another community, "UnG". I really didn't like the idea, so, I told to HellKnight that and there was no other choice if "sKilled" wanted to keep alive its community. Instantly, after the fusion I left the clan. After leaving "sKilled" I met at TG server my friend Frankz, and an old friend too called Redrum. Those guys were amazing with me, and they both were in the same clan; "Fellow Team". I visited their server and it was a bit strange, more likely "retro", like a server of DM in 2011 probably, but I liked it anyways. As I did in "sKilled", I met some guys there to know how the ambient was there. I was very conformable with the situation there and I tried my chances. Took like a month in waiting but I made it, I joined "Fellow Team". It was my first time in an european community but it was a very good combination of latins and europeans, we really had a good squad there and I was very comfortable there. Things got better with time, but then, my PC got broke and I couldn't play anymore for a while. Made me feel very angry and powerless for not being able to play with my friends, and I had to take the hard decision of leaving the clan for my inactivity. Later, for me, that was the end of my era in "Fellow Team", and I looked forward after that. I had my own idea of re-opening the clan where all started for me, "XuG". In 2014 I asked to the old leaders if I could re-open the clan and they gave me the permission of doing it. So, I did it. With the help of some of the old members we had a good run in my opinion, by that time we had a decent server, good members and good clanwars, times were even funnier by that period, and also, the most important part for me is that it gave me the experience of how to manage and lead a community. Those were good months, but as every good history, everything has to come to an end. The clan had to be closed due to the inactivity and the non-payment of the server. I spend some months extra in this game, but the feels weren't the same, I wasn't motivated again and I had no place to go anymore, so, I retired. In that moment I thought it was forever, but once you tried this game, you just can't leave it so easily. 2 years were enough time for me to realize that I wanted to play again. Also, I had a good reason to leave the game momentarily, I was in the time of doing a very hard test in my country called "PSU" (Prueba de selección universitaria; Test of university selection) and I really needed that time to put some hard work and study for that. By the end of 2017 I officially came back to play and the game really evolved by the time that I came, new maps, new modes (like wff) and new communities. One of those, was this clan, Nitrous Racing. I didn't know who you guys were, and then I visited the old forum, checked the old clan wars and it really took my attention. L7 champs, top tier clans competition and also a very well structured community. It was real for me, a very well composed clan between latins and europeans. For my luck, one of my ex-clan mates and dear friend, @Relax was here. I contacted him, and I asked him to know more about this community, told me how it was likely this clan and convinced me to make a join request. I was nervous, I really didn't know if you guys were going to accept me, but after one month you gave me a chance to prove myself here. 11 months I spent here, and those were the best moments for me in all my MTA career. Why? Well, in no other place I tasted what I did here, the groups of WhatsApp were the most funnier part, I really laughed hard when someone sent a "meme" or when someone threw a comment about any shit, playing clan wars was always funny with everyone here even if we had to discuss who was playing which map, the trainings at midnight with the looong conversations, being the "Campeones" of the 3rd edition of the "Lucky Seven", etc, etc, etc. This was the ambient that I was looking for, this was the perfect place for me, but again as before in my old clans, It have to came to an end after a little fight that I had here. I thought that my job here wasn't appreciated and also that I had no impact here due to some discussions that I had by that time. I really asked myself if I was significant here, if my role really was important and also, if I belonged to this place. Took me like 2 weeks to think well this and before a DM clan war, I threw the organization of that clan war, started to respond very aggressively and just not caring enough about the things here. I was pissed, my emotions by that time were frustration and anger, and yes, maybe it sounds very childish and immature but that's how I really felt. I spoke with some guys here and I asked how would they feel if I left and more or less I found the answers that I thought that I would find, "Would be painful, but after all, it's your own decision and no one is going to hold you back", so, I decided finally to leave after this. Now I really realize how much I lost by leaving this place, I really know that things could have been handled in another way and I'm sorry for being so arrogant for leaving in the way that I did, and also for not even giving a second chance to make things better. I really think that I was stupid for not seeing that. After leaving, I wanted to prove myself, join another clan and say that I could really help in another place. Where? 7m? XpR? ffs? No, TfF. Things weren't going very well for them and I really thought that I could bring my help there, have a good impact there and also what I said before about proving myself, so, I directly tried my chances there and I got accepted there. Those were a funny 2-3 months for me, I met good guys there, but it wasn't for me. I realized some things there and I had to move. Later, Aeron told me about MAD and how he was handling things there and it really took my attention. My mind was confused, for once I felt like a "free agent" and I could really decide if I would go to another place or returning here, but I wasn't ready. Not because of the past, because I still had the idea of having a "redemption" with myself after my situation that I had. The idea of coming back was always in my mind, because like I said before, here I spent my best time in all my MTA career. For me, this was the chance to prove myself in a "competitive" community and I really wanted to try my chances there. They accepted me, and it was cool at the start, but with the time, I realized that maybe this place wasn't for me. Why? Well, the ambient and the environment wasn't for me, I was like a stranger there or that's how I felt there, not because they were bad guys or too weirdos for me, it wasn't just a place for me. I was the only latin there, those guys are mostly composed by europeans and turkish people, and questions started to appear like; Who's my sidekick? With who I'm constantly talking? Do I even belong to a place like this? So, I thought... Which place could be for me? Where could I fit again? Two words came to my mind quickly and I realized how much I lost after that... "Nitrous Racing". And that's how I ended up here again trying my chances. Clans you have been part of: Xtrem United Gamez (~XuG//) sKilled (-sK-) Fellow Team (|FT|) Nitrous Racing (xN#) The Favoured Few (/TfF\) Mafioso Auto Drivers ([MAD]) Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing?: Good question, but I would like to answer this question with another: Why not? This was the place where I felt in the best way possible in this game, everyone was good with me, you taught me how to play WFF, how to manage the clan wars, how to be a good and a true person in the game, how to play the clan wars and most important, how to be part of a family... The mainly reason of why I want to comeback is that I want to be part of this family again, laugh with you, play with you all, organize things for this community, help in every way possible again and contribute in everything that I would be asked for. How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing?: It's a hard question to be honest, lately this clan has been evolving very good and my role would be in a very hard situation... But I'm always up for new challenges. You guys know for what I am good. Lately I've been improving my skills at this game, mostly at WFF. Also, I like to manage and helping to organize the clan wars and that could be another aspect which I could be useful. Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team: Well, I like to joke and send memes XD, I don't know in what else I could help, but I'm a good listener, I think that I'm friendly and I could be up for everyone that is seeking for help, so, I could be one more friend for everyone of you. Additional Information: My contact: Discord: Sixiz019#2221 WhatsApp: (I can provide you my number in PM) Skype: Rastaman_lml (I don't really use it but here ya go) Well, and that's all. If you really read all my Join Request, you are the real MVP. Thanks for taking your time, my best wishes for everyone of you -Cristian Arismendi (Sixiz)