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xPolkap's join request :v

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About me

Hi world, my name is Patrik, my in-game nick is 'xPolkap

I'm 18 years old and i'm living in Hungary.

My hobbyes MTA, and entertainment with my friends.

I am a high school student, i have my last year here.

I dont have dogs, or cats who's interfere the game. 8o




 My MTA Career

I started playing mta in 2012  with my friend who stopped playing. My personal DM skillz in 2012 and 2013 very bad but i developed it. I think now my skills not bad but not perfect. My hunter style awesome and its not boastfulness. When im stoned everyone try to kill me in hunter but impossible 😎. I did not join many clans, why? I dont love clanjumping.

My latest clans:

ePic| - ePic family 2014-2016 - closed

sR# - Speed racers 2013-2014 - closed

aR// - Anonymous racers 2012 - closed

>VIP< - Very Important Players 2018 - left

and other small clans...



Why i want to join  our clan/ Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing:

I said my skillz not bad and i want to help in clanwars. I have experience on DM maps and i know how to play. My MTA carrer next chapter to get into xN. Can i help in mapping and etc.  I think now xN the  best DM/Hunter clan and i want to join this community.


Why do you think we'd accept you:  I think me good player for us and  can i help clanwars and etcccc..



Insteresting Game-Modes






skype: polkapatrik15


Best regards, 'xPolkap


((sorry for my bad english im stoned asf and idk how to write))

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Posted (edited)

gl :D


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