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DD Championship: Bracket and Rules

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Good morning,
Today we're launching our official group stages bracket which will be updated daily on this thread, both the gameplay rules and general rules will be also down below the bracket. so check 'em out!









I'd like to personally thank everyone who helped me with the tournament and especially:
@AnarchY, who helped me with orgnaizing and making the tournament,
@Floxbiee, who helped me a lot with ideas and match managing

@FeeBe, for being referee.

and finally i'd like to thank xN team and all of it's members for trusting me in making this tournament happen.

General rules:
Do not insult, spam or provoke in any way possible.
Do not talk about religions or mention any personal kind stuff.
Do not try to make troubles without given good reasons.
Any kind of harass will be taken seriously and you will be warned, later you will be disqualified and banned.

Gameplay information:
Every map is 10 minutes duration.
Minimum FPS is 45 while maximum Ping is 130.
When asked for redo, you have only 5 seconds to reply.
Any kind of game glitches/bugs won't be taken as cheating.
You can set round status free for only 10 minutes in total.
You can't add new players or remove old ones during a match.
If you have a problem with a referee, report them privately with a good given reason.

Gameplay rules:
Do not camp or stay in one place if you have a free way.
Do not talk in mainchat under any kind of situations.
Do not try cheating or ruining the game.
Do not set round free in hard situations.
Do not rage quit, you will be replaced and kicked from the tournament.

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Holy shit... nice design


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May the best win and good luck to every team here (especially our DD squad from xN <3)

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