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    News #10: Striving for Greatness

    By SkreePy,
    Dear fellow community members!   As you can see, we have come back with another release thread which means, we will share the current situation of ours and reveal our plans for the future. We know we did not announce anything for a while because of the fact that there was not too much stuff to talk about within the team but let us satisfy you with this one! In advance, I would like to apologize if this News will be different from the previous ones due to the fact that my style is kind of different from the people who wrote the News in the past. Yet, I still believe you will enjoy this one as much as you did with the previous ones as well. By the way, it is the 10th release. The number 10 is really special, can be said the most liked number by people and because of this, I will try to make this News special as well and will strive not to disappoint you. I do think it is the best time to share the occurrences within the team, I do not want to waste your time so that being said; Let’s get down into the business! First of all, I would like to announce the internal changes that have happened lately. Maybe this part can be skipped by many of you since you could eventually follow the changes that have happened lately in the proper section. Even though most of you have seen what had happened lately, I reckon some of you have not. Roster Changes
    This paragraph will contain every change that has been made, we even will bring some fresh news as well. Let’s clear things out, the following people have been accepted since the last news are; @LookaT, @Revolcee, @DDemK, @Inspra, @SkreePy, @IsGh, @NikotiN*, @Esp4wN, @SneaX, @Dice, @SNX Keep in mind that these are the players who are still with us since they joined, yet, some people decided to leave as well, you can check these people at the changelog topic. These people listed above were promoted to members before, but let me congratulate you guys, you truly deserved this, I know I might be late with this but that being said; Better late than never. Once again, please let me congratulate you, and I hope you will stay with us for a longer period. From now on, I would like to say there has been a big discussion regarding the trials, we have made a survey that has shown who could be the most adequate member and so we decided to pick the following members based on their maturity, skill and kindness, something that is enough to be part of the clan. We considered each applicant. After all, I have to say we made the best decision this time because the listed members down below are very odd individuals. Please give a warm welcome to the following people; xN#MoN - He was in the clan before, now he decided to come back which made the whole team hyped. I do believe you are a great addition to our team. Enjoy your stay! xN#Magnet - He was our former member as well. We are happy to have you back! Hopefully, you won't disappoint us this time and spend a joyful time with us. xN#Hollyweed - A really good candidate, he is talented when it comes to HDM and also a good person. I hope you will enjoy your time with us. Join Requests are still opened so if you feel like you could be one of those people that has eligible skills feel free to write one. If you have already written but things did not go as it was planned, please do not be sad! Writing a second or even a third Join Request will show us that you are willing to be part of the team for sure, it can increase your chance as well. Do not hesitate to write an application if you feel like you want to be a part of the team. We also would like to congratulate the following people for their promotions. I believe each one of them deserved it and he will do the best on his position to make xN great! Please congratulate the following individuals; xN#Facuuzz - WFF Manager - We believe that you are able to take care of WFF Team and that you are the right guy for this position. Lastly, many things can happen, some joins and the other leaves, but today we are sad to announce that our dear Co-Leader @Sixiz is retiring, therefore, he is leaving the team! Thank you for everything you have done to xN so far and we appreciate every contribution you have put within the team. Wish you the best of luck! DM Team I must say that these changes were necessary to get back on the track in DM. I do think that we are on the right path to get back in the shape. We are getting better in DM, we started to play clan wars again to build our teamwork as well. It is quite important that we do not play clan wars for the victory but the joy. In the future, we are planning to make more clan wars without the current team to make them happy and to develop good teamwork. For instance, we are going to play a clan war versus Korn - Knights of red night, we hope we will make our best and bring the victory to home. You can check the details about the clan war here. SH Team Our Shooter team is in really good shape, winning all of their matches within the framework of a tournament in FFS, called Lucky 7 shooter. Our Shooter squad is probably one of the best squads in the entire game mode, having 21 wins out of 26 total matches played. All I can say that these guys deserve what they have achieved so far because it is rare to see such a determined and converging team. For the official SH Clanwars page click here. OS Team We should not forget about our OS squad which is being led by xN#Krazy, they have been performing quite well lately. I can safely say that our OS squad is equal in strength to our Shooter squad. I hope we will see more from them because they have really good potential and I believe that they can achieve whatever they want. It's only a matter of time until they show us their true potential.
    Our main plan for the future is to expand our capabilities as wide as possible. We strive to do our best in order to make the clan more attractive. We are looking for applicants who are willing to show us that their addition will be benefiting for us. We give people chances so if you think that you are lucky enough to get a chance to join the team, feel free to apply in the right section. We wish everyone the best of luck! I guess that was all for today. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did while I was writing. If you have any questions, feel free to ask it. If you have an opinion about this News, or about the clan, do not hesitate, write it down. I wish you a good and successful day and remember, wash your hands and stay at home!

    News #09: The Halloween News

    By DeLeTe,
    Happy Halloween! Just another day of announcing the inner news. xN is going through an evolving period now. "Why?" might be your question. Well, it concludes on the competitive side which is quite professional in most of the aspects and game modes. As you've probably heard, "Who Finishes First" - Old School edition, organized by FFS community has arrived again and yet we found out that the players' roster contains two talented players of ours - @Krazy & @ALi. Up to now, the tournament is held onto the 1/4 Finals stage but we know for sure our buddies will compete for one against another in the finals. Another tournament by FFS community is in the same concept of "Who Finishes First" just in shooter game mode - "Who Shots First". The point here is to get as many kills as possible to become the one with the most amount of kills. Similar to "Who Finishes First" - Old School edition, we found our beloved shooter crew starring in the Finals stage. We're sure that @Eleven, @TurBo & @iProShoOT will show the shooter departure how it's done. Here's a short visual explanation of what's their current position.
      In addition, our clan has faced quite interesting clan wars. From Shooter based on DM and WFF. Our team has shown its strength and managed to conserve itself from severe losses. We managed to win within the L7 DM tournament, in this tour: TC – by the score of 10-3 in favor of us & 7m (who unfortunately came to an end) - by the score of 8-5 in favor of us. In the L7 WFF tournament, in this tour, we managed to win: FFS – by the score of 74-66 in favor of us & TfF – by the score of 92-48 in favor of us. Despite our current victories, we did suffer a loss. We were facing against Korn in an HDM clan war and managed to lose from a situation of 10-6 in favor of us, to 10-12 in favor of Korn. It just shows us how much there is to improve from our side. To another topic. Once again we announce out loud the changes within our clan roster. First and foremost, we want to congratulate @Eleven for becoming the newest Co-Leader in xN! We're sure he's capable to fulfill the best he can in that role. Since the army clock is ticking for me, we could use an extra hand here. But wait! there's more. We wanted to notify you that some trials passed their trial period when some did not. You can check out for specific details within our Memberlist Changes topic. You might be wondering about new trials. Well, it's not happening yet but we do want to say it's coming closer. Since we've started to take things more seriously, accepting newcomers is being operated more carefully to improve the team in its best way. Good things take time, as wise men say. That's it for now. More news on the way, stay tuned. Kindest Regards, Nitrous Racing staff.

    News #08: From Old to Gold

    By DeLeTe,
    Greetings! Once again we're here bringing up the dignified news. This time our main topics are going to be about previous incidents which I'm sure some of you are aware of. Let's get into it. It's not a secret we've dealt with huge losses regarding our roster. Many members decided to leave (if we want to be precise, 13 members). Some of them left with a note beforehand, some decided to just follow the herd and the rest provided valid reasons. It's worthless to say it's just a game and we wish the best of luck for every former clan member because after all they're human beings and leaving an in-game clan isn't the end of the world. We're not going to mention all of the departures but surely will touch the most main ones. Our ex-founders / leaders decided to part ways with us.  @Adidas - The reason xN rose up to the top tier in the competitive partition. First place in L7 season 3 is just an example of how powerful we became thanks to his management. @Lukaculz - who had played a lot of roles during his career in xN. His support was mainly shown by his designing skills, but also shaped and salvaged us whenever he could.  @adeliveR - who showed an incomprehensible amount of effort and succor. His departure is hard to recognize since he's the godfather of xN, so we'll just leave him be with the respect he deserves. @Sunset - One of the most decent men out there. Honorable yet a true companion. Even though he joined for a short amount of time, he managed to overcome difficulties with us by providing us his wisdom and experience.  With the destruction of our roster, we've started to take actions into recovering the situation. We reinforce our DM, OS and WFF sides by taking in fresh meat. The big loss is not going to be the last straw. With that being said, we're promoting the current trials @Mazda, @Magnet, @Yalm, @SheldoN & @InfiNity and welcoming three newcomers  @AkroM, @K4K4TY & @RedRulez.  Welcome aboard! We hope you'd become an upgrade to the team. Moreover, regarding our fortification progress, we've managed to be one of the bests in other game-modes. Our Shooter squad (lead by @Eleven) had shown its ability by having a dope streak of wins. Sure, they lost here and there but after spectating their inner power from the outside, their strength is easily seen. Not to mention our OS team and our machine @Krazy who showed he isn't going to stop. We even managed to win L7 OS, which is a great achievement  Another event was the Last Shot Counts tournament which we lacked to discuss it. Out of 18 teams, one of them managed to prevail all the others and win the dignity and the cash reward. We don't want to jinx anything but count the tournaments far from being over. Time only will reveal our future plans. Furthermore, due to the inactivity of our leader and community manager (also known as @yani), we've decided to uplift this section by promoting two individuals to a co-leader role, along with their side part - @DeLeTe & @Sixiz. Together with @ShankZ, the mud in our wheels is going to get out in no time, and even make the wheels shine brighter in the future.
    In brief, we're not going to stop. Sure, we've dealt with a lot of obstacles but we'll manage to surpass and even tame them. That's it for now. You can check the Membership Changes topic to notice future updates regarding our clan roster. Until next time, peace out!   Nitrous Racing staff.  

    News #07: Alliance with Progression

    By yani,
    Bonjour! Here we are after a certain amount of time with the enormous news about the current situation of the team and our plans for the future. I will be bringing you through a brief of our changes and achievements throughout the past few months, therefore I would like to announce that we are working on a server that is the main reason why we will stop upon posting news in a short period of time who only mention roster changes and make a Membership Changes thread where you can stay tuned. Future news may also imply changes in our team but they are mainly about development information. Hope you guys enjoy that and get ready to be amazed. Tournaments & Clan Wars After many wins we managed to get home in L7 WFF we faced a loss. Unfortunately, that didn't happen only once and we feel sorry to let that happen. Unexpectedly, the team we mentioned in the previous news managed to beat us in a score of 68:72, well done Unstoppable Fighters. This was surely a nice game without any fights or complaints where you managed to prove your strength. Moving on to L7 DM, one of our recent games ended up getting cancelled as the team we played against had a player that abused his ping. However, everything is good now and we don't encounter any problems against that team anymore. Eh, after facing another sorowful lose, we had to face another one against Unlimited Power, where the match started great in our favour, but our teamwork went down the hill and they managed to get a sick comeback over us and win in a score of 7:6. As expected after many loses we managed to wake up and dominate in the next game, so did we? Yes, we did. We managed to beat The Favoured Few in a score of 11:2. This season was surely not the best on for us, but as I have said numerously times before, we learn from our mistakes and we strive for perfectness, therefore we will always improve! Clan Roster Updates That's what we all have been waiting for right, or most of us just skipped all that and went straight to the roster changes as expected. Due to hard work and effort we have been putting recently in our team I would like to congratulate the following members for successfully passing their trial period. @FranK! @Allcapone @Spectrum @Blaze @Eleven However, this time we come up with a lot of new members, as our team has decided to expand our horizons. Please join me in welcoming.. @EM1N3M @Chaos @Luminaire @ShaoliN @DeLeTe @#SherazPapi @Dove @Dredd @PacT @Vitalic @TurBo As a team grows, It becomes more difficult to gauge performance of each individual team member because managers don't have as much personal contact. This leaves managers susceptible to biases that can drive away some of their best talent. Therefore I am here to promote the several members to the positions they surely deserved. @ShankZ - Leader @yani - Co-Leader
    @ZJK - Developer @xMoN - CW Manager And unfortunately the following members have left the team. @ZooMy @Sheldon
    (As to ZooMy, due to the fact he decided to retire, he is always able to rejoin our team, just contact us buddy.)
    Thank you for your effort and positivity throughout the period of time you have been helping inside the clan. Development After many months of huge nil in our development we finally stepped on our foot and jumped into the deep. Our current Web Developer is doing a great job by changing the forum theme to a more eye catching one fully designed by him. As I mentioned a bit earlier, we accepted Luminaire who will be working on a server. Also all people who donated before the server has officially launched will have their rank and they will be awarded for supporting the community in future. Most likely they will be to receive a badge for donating before the server is up, but also some cash in game which will surely imply on their gameplay. Ending Thank you for reading, make sure you stay tuned for the next news as they will be even better, I promise. Any feedback will be appreciated. More information about the clan or any updates before next news are being posted on our twitter or discord channel. I am pretty aware of that the news are not the best, but still It is my second try so far and I am trying to become better. I hope that they were completely information about our aims at this point and how we are progressing day by day just so we can see our lovely community remain happy as It should be. Once again thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed It.

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